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Top 08 Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion!

A Must See!Celebrities That Changed Their Religion’s! Religion is a very sensitive aspect of one’s life. While some celebrities converted their religion to attain spirituality, others followed suit purely for love. Here are few big celebrities who have done this in the past. Take a look at such celebrities from Bollywood as well as Hollywood who converted their religion.   …

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Must Watch! The Most Overrated Bollywood Celebrities!

Top 7 Greatest Overblown Bollywood Performances! The idea of being a celebrity and being overblown goes as an inseparable unit. When you are a star-on-screen character instead of being only a performer, the advantages and rewards are way greater and better. What’s more, Bollywood is infamous and famous for offering turns to stars at the cost of ignoring quality work …

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Must Watch! Popular TV Actress Caught Drinking and Smoking Publicly!

Top 6 Popular TV Actress Caught Letting Drugs Publicly! More often than not, we see vamps or the spoilt youngsters on TV smoking and drinking. While, the general population playing great characters are depicted as sati savitri’s or Ram, who avoid all the bad ways. Am I right? In any case, do you realize that the performing artists playing great …

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